Retained Search:

Priority is highest for this search. RBW Associates provides a “partial” retained search where 1/3 of the fee is paid up front to commit each party to the focused, priority search. This portion of the fee is non-refundable.

RBW Associates offices and staff give the highest priority to this type of search. Our focus and attention produces a fast, efficient search providing above average candidates for your review in the shortest time possible.

The remaining 2/3 fee is fully contingent on the search being completed timely and a hire of our candidate taking place. This part of the fee is due within 10 days after candidate’s start date.

Contingency Search:

Exclusive Contingent: Described as our office being the sole recruiter/recruiting firm working on the position. Higher priority is given to this search versus most others.

Open Contingent: Pertains to a search where one or more recruiters/recruiting firms are participating in the search. Most recruiting firms assign a lower priority to this search and the fee is normally 5% higher.