(Last Updated – January 4, 2018)

  1. MANUFACTURING IMPROVEMENT MANAGER – BS Engineering. 12+ years. Lean/6 Sigma skills.  PNW, to $150K.
  2. ELECTRICAL RELIABILITY ENGINEER – BSEE or EET.  1-4 years experience in heavy industry.  Solid company/facility in nice area.  SE, to $90K.
  3. STRATEGIC PLANNING MANAGER – BS Finance/Business/IT.  8+ years in business improvement (P&P).  PNW, to $160.
  4. PAPER MILL MANAGER – BS Engineering or Tech.  8+ years.  Strong leadership.  PNW, to $135K.
  5. SR. PROCESS CONTROL ENGINEER – Degree (TDC 3000, Delta V, ABB, etc.). P&P or heavy industry.  South, to $120K.
  6. PAPER MACHINE MANAGER  – BS or practical. 10 years experience.  South, to $150K plus 25K bonus.
  7. PROCESS CONTROL ENGINEER – BS.  4+ yrs experience, prefer Honeywell or Delta V, but not mandatory.  South, to $105K + bonus.
  8. PROCESS ENGINEER –  BS Eng or Tech. 1-2 years. SE, $80-100K.
  9. SR. PROCESS ENGINEER – BS CHE, P&P, maybe others.  Tissue experience needed.  SE, to $110K.


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