There is nothing more important than making the right “first impression” when interviewing for a new job. When it comes to “first impressions,” IMAGE is everything. One’s personal appearance makes a bold statement of who he or she is. Someone who is casual about their appearance is often perceived as being casual about their goals, their work and their performance. Someone who is perceived as “profesisonal” in appearance is usually perceived as someone capable of delivering professional results with their work. Good etiquette suggests that it is always better to overdress for an interview than risk being underdressed. You can always dress down if necessary by removing your suit jacket (never your tie). A good rule of thumb is to dress one step higher in formality than the person you are interviewing with, and always choose a conservative standard. If you are not sure what is acceptable, it is appropriate to contact the employer’s HR department or secretary prior to your visit for information on company dress codes.