Frequently Asked Questions  –  (click on boxed questions for answer)

For your service is there a fee to the candidate?

No, fees are paid by the employer.

Can your office help me find a job (or candidates for the employer) in the NE, MW, or SE (for example)?

Yes, we are well connected to all parts of the US and Canada and work all areas of the US, Canada and some International areas.

I need help with my resume, any suggestions?

See our Tips page, and check Resumes That Knock ‘Em Dead, by Martin Yate, or similar books. (In the upper red bar above the menu)

What is the current market situation for my discipline?

Feel free to call us for current conditions.

Will you or a company check my background and references?

Most companies check your references either directly or through the recruiter. Background checks are sometimes done with your release.

Will a drug screen be required?

Yes, almost all companies require a drug screen test. You will be asked to sign a release.

If I send my resume to you how confidentially will it be treated? I have heard the story that a candidate's resume was sent to his own company by a recruiter!

I have heard that story too, and unfortunately, I suspect this has happened with other search firms. However, we will never send your resume to anyone unless you are aware and agree. All information from you is treated with highest confidentiality.

How can I prepare for a job change or interview?

See our Tips page. At a good book store, in the business section, get a copy of the book – Resumes That Knock ‘Em Dead, by Martin Yate. It will prepare you for the task Prior to your interview we will counsel you with information, questions, responses, and tips to best prepare you for the task.   (Tips-In the upper red bar above the menu)

I am a Canadian. Can I work in the U.S.?

If you are a BS degreed professional, or certain other degreed professional, and on NAFTA’s list of approved professional list for TNI status (we have the list – and check it out on line = search “NAFTA”) and you are a Canadian (same true for Mexicans) you can work in the U.S. We can advise you in most cases, and we have access to an Immigration Attorney. Other foreigners can work in the U.S. under H1B status with somewhat more restrictions and longer approval times.